No- Score-No-More

Own A Car’s No-Score-No-More sales event was created for the benefit of Valley car buyers. Our purpose is to bring about awareness that a person’s credit score is NOT the sole factor involved in approving auto loans. This belief is outdated and simply not true.

Credit scores were invented more than 70 years ago and put in place as the industry standard; however, we believe our car buyers should be treated better than just being a credit score.

Today, finance companies no longer need to rely solely on credit scores to approve auto loans; they’re able to use more modern lending tools such as proprietary algorithms, predictive analytics and artificial intelligence to determine credit worthiness. These advanced tools are sometimes, but not always used in conjunction with your credit score to aid in the approval process.

In the past, first-time buyers could be denied credit just because they lacked a credit score. In contrast, today some banks are able to give no-score first-time buyers a chance with a fresh new credit approval by taking other factors into consideration.

A bad credit history or a low score should not be looked as an automatic denial. Finance companies now have the ability to help car buyers that have had some credit problems in the past.

If you have good credit but not necessarily a high credit score, finance companies we work with can still aggressively compete to give you the lowest interest rate possible.

Some additional factors that may have an effect on your approval:
· Length and/or type of employment
· Verifiable income
· Time at current and previous residences
· Co-signer availability
· Vehicle make, model, type and mileage

It is not our intention to represent that your credit score doesn’t have any effect on a final lending decision. What we wish to convey is that your new auto loan approval may not be solely based on just this one factor; with No-Score-No-More, your credit score may simply not matter.

We look forward to serving YOU like we’ve served thousands of other satisfied Valley car buyers. Call or visit us today.